How essential is Income Protection?

It’s relatively common knowledge now that the cost of living will be going up in April of this year and there is plenty of apprehension surrounding the subject. Now with recent events in Europe heightening that concern, many plan to slash any non-essential outgoings in order to help deal with the increased energy costs – so where does Income Protection fall on the scale of necessity?

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Average asking prices for UK homes soar in February

The average asking price for homes in the UK rose sharply in February as strong demand for properties in London and elsewhere with homes in shorter supply. According to Rightmove, asking prices have experienced the biggest monthly increase since the company started recording such data in 2001. With property prices already high, this revelation comes as welcome news for homeowners looking to sell.

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Key worker products – what’s out there?

After nearly two years of key workers holding the country up on their shoulders through their immeasurable effort and sacrifice throughout the pandemic, more and more mortgage products are becoming available with exclusive benefits specifically for key workers. So, what do you need to know when it comes to benefiting from these special rates?

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Rising Inflation: How does it affect you?

As reports of rising inflation in the UK flood the news, we thought the time was right to take a closer look at how it could impact you. With inflation hitting a 30 year high in recent weeks, it’s bound to have an effect, so we thought it best to look into what could happen and how best to deal with the situation.

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Critical illness cover – what you need to know

Critical illness cover (or CIC) is a type of insurance that is often sold alongside life insurance. It is designed to provide you and your family with financial stability if one of you were to fall seriously ill. It’s of course not a nice thing to think about but preparing for the worst is always a good way to ensure you have a safety net to fall back on if a critical illness were to prevent you from going to work.

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Base Rate Rise: How will you be affected?

The Bank of England recently announced an increase to its base rate from 0.1% to 0.25%. This will inevitably have an affect on everyone in the country. With further increases potentially set to occur in the next couple of years – how could this change affect your mortgage, your finances and your day-to-day life.

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How to Move Safely During The Pandemic

As more uncertainty looms overhead with the Covid-19 pandemic seemingly worsening once again, the potential for further restrictions is a constant consideration on the minds of many. Restrictions can play havoc with anyone’s plans, but what happens when it comes to moving house? Covid has been around for a while now and we’ve all learned a lot in the process, so we thought we’d put together some top tips for moving house safely during the global pandemic.

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New year, new protected you? Protection in 2022

2021 was another unprecedented year for the Insurance industry with climate change summits, wildfires, stuck cargo ships and of course the COVID-19 pandemic. It seems that everything that has happened over the last 12 months has presented a new challenge for the industry, challenges that are regularly being overcome.

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