Protection: Why you should always be covered amid a cost-of-living crisis

Protection insurance is severely undervalued by thousands of people across the UK. Often seen as an unnecessary expense – there are a vast number of people living in this country who are yet to take out a protection plan and therefore remain unprepared should they lose their income or worse – their life. With a cost-of-living crisis currently causing panic for many, it’s so important to stay covered even when you’re looking to cut costs elsewhere. Despite common misconceptions surrounding how often providers pay out, tougher times make protecting your family should anything happen to you even more vital.

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Holiday lets: are they worth it?

If you’ve ever considered investing in a second property, you may have already thought about holiday lets. With the popularity of staycations on the rise, now could be a better time than ever to get into the game. The ability to make some extra cash while also maintaining the possibility of enjoying the property yourself is an attractive prospect for many – and with summer just around the corner, we thought now would be a great time to start the conversation.

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How to improve your mortgage affordability

With affordability tests being revised in the wake of the cost-of-living crisis currently happening in the UK, many prospective buyers are looking for ways to improve their chances at securing the best possible mortgage for them. With house prices still at a high, improving your affordability can be a great way of increasing your chances of securing a mortgage – especially for first time buyers looking to raise a deposit for their first home. In this article, we take a look at the most effective ways you can improve your affordability.

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Spring statement: VAT cut for going green

The announcement of the spring statement brought the news that VAT on energy saving materials is set to be scrapped. Chancellor Rishi Sunak said the move was partly due to rising energy costs as homeowners look to use as little energy as possible in order to save on their bills. The move will see materials such as solar panels, heat pumps and insulation be entirely exempt from VAT for the next 5 years.

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Smoking and Vaping: how can it impact your insurance?

New research conducted by Royal London has revealed that smokers can save up to £16,000 on life insurance premiums by quitting. According to the insurer, non-smokers could be entitled to lower rate premiums if they have avoided tobacco, or nicotine replacement products such as e-cigarettes, for at least a year. So, how much of an impact on your life insurance can stopping smoking have?

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Base rate: all you need to know

You have more than likely heard the term ‘base rate’ banded around in the news over the last few months, but what does it actually mean? Why does one rate have such an impact on so many mortgage products nationwide and why has the base rate risen? We take a look at all you need to know about the base rate and how it can affect you.

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What will ‘levelling up’ mean for you?

At the beginning of February, the government released their ‘levelling up’ white paper – a document that sets out a “complete system change” of how government operates that will be put into practice in order to level up the UK. The paper outlines 12 new national missions with a view to them being achieved by 2030. So, what are these new missions and how could they impact you?

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How essential is Income Protection?

It’s relatively common knowledge now that the cost of living will be going up in April of this year and there is plenty of apprehension surrounding the subject. Now with recent events in Europe heightening that concern, many plan to slash any non-essential outgoings in order to help deal with the increased energy costs – so where does Income Protection fall on the scale of necessity?

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Average asking prices for UK homes soar in February

The average asking price for homes in the UK rose sharply in February as strong demand for properties in London and elsewhere with homes in shorter supply. According to Rightmove, asking prices have experienced the biggest monthly increase since the company started recording such data in 2001. With property prices already high, this revelation comes as welcome news for homeowners looking to sell.

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Key worker products – what’s out there?

After nearly two years of key workers holding the country up on their shoulders through their immeasurable effort and sacrifice throughout the pandemic, more and more mortgage products are becoming available with exclusive benefits specifically for key workers. So, what do you need to know when it comes to benefiting from these special rates?

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